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Looking For A Few Good Men

Man Up Mississippi is Looking For A Few EXTRAORDINARY MenMy fourth son, P├Ątrick Henry, is a Marine. The motto of the Corp is, "We're Looking For A Few Good Men." My son takes pride in the fact that not everyone can be a Marine. In fact, the lot goes to a select few. I feel as though Man Up Mississippi is similar. In this day and age, very few have the character, grit and determination to be a member. I believe we can say "We're Looking For A Few Extraordinary Men." It takes determination and grit to stand up for what you believe in against any, and all, opposition. In this day of effeminate political correctness, Mississippi men need to examine themselves and gauge their manhood. I am in my sixtieth year and I have witnessed decade after decade of decline. Much of our youth spend all of their time texting, watching television, playing video games, viewing porn and staying glued to social media. They are emasculated zombies. Their dads never took them fishing, hunting, camping, or canoeing. They were not taught courage, fortitude and grit. They know little of self-defense. They are overweight and lazy. They do not participate in athletic sports. They are rude and disrespectful. They have no passion and they do not believe.

As much as you might desire to take them for a little walk in the woods and tan their may be the one who needs a bit of self-flogging first. Our youth are products of modernity. They are raised in homes were there is little discipline, often without the balance of two parents. They attend a public school system where authority is a joke. They may attend church, only to hear cute little warm and fuzzy sermonettes. We are producing an entire generation of feminized wusses.

And it is not just a Mississippi problem, collectively the nation has mortgaged our future and sold off the seed corn. We are on the verge of a total economic collapse. We have made enemies around the world who would love to bring us to our knees. Since most male homo sapiens have lost their genetic sense of manhood, few are prepared for any disaster, be it natural, financial, terrorist. Families have no leadership, and no ability to survive a disaster, save their false hope and dependence upon the federal government to swoop down and rescue them. Many of us witnessed, firsthand, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We saw how the independent households fared compared to those who were unprepared and totally dependent.

Man Up Mississippi Manifest Destiny

We have long held the view that manhood issues are our most pressing burden. We believe Man Up Mississippi can make a difference in "a few" lives. We have no grand illusion about turning our State around. However, we believe it is possible to work with individuals who have a desire to be a man...a real man. As a man takes charge of his life, he will affect his friends and families. This is what we hope to accomplish...sparks of manhood.

Our members-only site will be devoted to the topics of manhood, leadership, diet, fitness, brain health, digital freedom, character/integrity...and other manly pursuits. We will be spending an incredible amount of time preparing articles and how-to videos. In short, we are here to help you be the man you need to be.

Be A "Founder"

For a limited time we are offering a special membership for the "Man Up Mississippi Founders." Since there are a lot of up front expenditures, we are seeking to raise as much funding as possible as we officially launch the organization early 2018. So join with other manly men, and those hoping to secede from feminized modernity to become one. This may be your year of freedom. Remember, the prison door is not locked. You freely walked in the cell and pulled the door shut. Resolve now to rise up, push the door open and move forward to embrace the iron. If your britches are hanging off your bum, now would be a good time to pull them up.

All donations of $500 or greater will get you a Founders status. Your membership will never expire so there are no yearly subscriptions as in regular memberships. You will be able to use the title, "Founding Member," in all forums and social media. You will also have exclusive access to the Man Up Mississippi Lending Library of 100s of books. You will also have access to the Founder's Club section with exclusive content. The Man Up Mississippi forum will have a private section devoted to Founder's Club members only.

Thank-you for your support!

Do not stay in the prison of your own making...


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