Man Up Mississippi Sponsors

Help Build A Better Mississippi One Manly Man At A Time

For years business owners have complained about the difficulty of finding good workers. They now say it is well nigh impossible to find honest, dependable, hard working men. We are asking business owners to provide sponsorship of Man Up Mississippi. It is doubtful we can fund the work of our organization without the assistance of our concerned business friends. Your sponsorship logo and website link will appear on every page of this website, both public and members-only sections. We will work closely with you to develop ideas to promote your business in ways that will also benefit our members. We will encourage special member promotions and special events.

NOTE: We will not accept sponsorship from just any enterprise. Only those businessmen who share our core values are welcome to have their businesses appear on our pages. Likewise, we will not promote any products or services that run contrary to the spirit of our site.

Our business sponsorship is $1000 for the first year, then decreases by 50% each subsequent year. Consider it a tax-deductible investment in the future of Mississippi!

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